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Let’s dive into it, you are looking for an explainer video production company in Delhi to make powerful video for your brand, service or concept. As a video explainer company, Design Charmer can deliver the right punch to your videos. A video can deliver a tonne of information in a very short span of time. Videos dont require high attention spans. For animated explainer video production, we have talented script writers, copywriters, voice over artists (all major languages and accents) that can maximize the marketing impact of your video

What we focus on

Striking animation and imagery that evokes an instant response

Subtle marketing techniques integrated into the video

Effective Call to Action Placement

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Best Animated Promotional Video Production

Here is an example of an Animated Explainer Video


How to Start With animated explainer video

The very first step is to decide the video you want to make. Lets say you have a website and you want a whiteboard animation video explaining what your service is all about. Keep your logo open files ready, decide the length of the video or leave that to us. Think of a raw script in your mind. We will refine that at the time of making the video. Finally, give us key points about your idea, service or product so that we do our magic to maximize the marketing impact of the video.

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Animated Corporate Video

Animated promotional video production is one of our core competencies. As a video explainer company, we love to animate and bring concepts to life. Here are our specialities which are given below.


Its the best and most famous way of putting information together in a concise way. It has a teaching feel to it.


This type of video is helpful when you want to create a buzz around your brand or when you want to promote it on youtube or social networks. Its usually consists of very fast paced cuts.


This is when you add emotion and expressions to your videos. This type of video is necessary when you want to emote a video accordingly.


If you sell a product or service which is highly trust based, for example real estate broking. This type of video can be a good sales funnel and give very good conversions. Call us for a sample video.

How it works ?


Give us basic inputs about the animated explainer video. Key points, tone and style of the video is discussed. Your initial input will help us understand your requirement in detail.


We send you a script and storyline. After the script is approved. We will send your script for voiceover from professional voice over artists.


We create a video that aligns with your ideas and presents your brand or concept in a way that helps you achieve the goal you had in your mind. We do revisions to your video until its perfect.

What constitutes a good animated explainer video ?

A good video should be nicely conceptualized, well scripted, adeptly synced with voice over, should be concise if possible and should deliver the intended message. Right audio is very important in a video. For example, in an animated corporate video, the background music must be upbeat and inspiring. The audio levels of voiceover and background music should be carefully set. Its a great choice to maximize your marketing impact by hiring animated video explainer companies.

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Custom Animation Videos

Explainer Video Company Delhi

Sometimes, you will need an explainer video which will require elements of whiteboard, characters and even a green screen actor. Any such type of animated explainer video production shall require a combination of different techniques to get the desired output. We can carefully plan and execute such videos. Our explainer video company in Delhi have animators, vfx artists, voiceover artists that can cater to all types of explainer vidoes or corporate videos. We also have a library of audio tracks to give a perfect tone and style to your video. We can also shoot high quality video to mix with animation. We have high quality mikes and HD video recording equipment to get the desired results. Get in touch today

Call us on +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083

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Call us on +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083

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